What is Coconut Pulling?

Healthy Directions is a Wellness Works Education and Training program that provides professional, clear education and training in the areas of wellness, health, fitness and ergonomics.

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What is Coconut Pulling?

Would you like to take some of our FREE fitness classes?  See what is being offered at the Eastside Wellness Center in Augusta and the Bangor Wellness Center!

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What is Coconut Pulling?

Get Outside and Enjoy the Great Outdoors and the Wonderful Maine state Parks and Lands!
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What is Coconut Pulling?

Check out the fun outdoor walk photos taken during The National Employee Health and Fitness Day walk on May 21st!

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What is Coconut Pulling?

If you are a state employee who works in the Augusta area and finds it hard to come to one of our gym locations, we have a roaming fitness specialist on staff who is able to meet with you at your worksite for FREE!

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What is Coconut Pulling?

As a member of one of our wellness centers, state employees have FREE Fitness Services available to them provided by our professionally trained, and knowledgeable fitness staff who will gladly meet with you by appointment!

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What is Coconut Pulling?

The Staff of the Wellness Works program welcomes you to our website!  
We would like to share with you our Mission and Vision which outlines our philosophy and commitment to you - The State of Maine Employee.

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What is Coconut Pulling?

FREE Telephonic Diabetes Education & Support (TDES)!

 Join the TDES Program
and save money at the pharmacy too!  first-time enrolless may enroll in the basic program.  Graduates of the basic program may now enroll in the TDES2 program.

The forms for both programs may be found HERE!  

What is Coconut Pulling?

The State of Maine provides many wellness programs to foster the health of its employees!  

Click the link below and discover the many wellness programs and opportunities offered to State of Maine Employees and Retirees.

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What is Coconut Pulling?

We’re so happy that you’ve decided to join one of our centers. Click below for information on how to apply.

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What is Coconut Pulling?

Welcome Retirees to the Wellness Centers! As State of Maine retirees, you can continue your fitness programs into retirement or, with a more flexible retirement schedule, begin a program. Such a program will keep you healthy and fit to enjoy your retirement.

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What is Coconut Pulling?

Now that you've decided to join, Please read a few things to keep in mind as you use our facilities.  

Wellness Center Code of Conduct
What is Coconut Pulling?

The Peer Evaluation Program- Maine State law requires that any employee who is working on a video display terminal (VDT) for a minimum of four hours a day receive education to decrease the risk of injury at that workstation. Find out how you can help as a Peer Evaluator!

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Things of Note

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