Get Healthy At The Eastside Wellness Center

Get Healthy At The Eastside Wellness Center

The Eastside Wellness Center is dedicated to the health and well being of Maine state employees. What a benefit! Basketball is a favorite activity in the Eastside gym, click here to see the    Open court sessions are scheduled Monday through Friday for impromptu pick-up games.  A variety of group exercise classes, including Zumba®, yoga, kick boxing, Nordic walking, and snow shoeing are held at our center.  Click the highlighted area to view the Fitness Class & Basketball Schedules and the Fitness Class Descriptions. 


The gym has cardio and strength training equipment as well as free weights, exercise balls, kettle bells and more.  Most of our cardio machines have televisions attached, so bring your own ear buds and feel free to use this personalized feature!  




 In order to qualify for membership, you must be an active full time, part time, or seasonal State of Maine employee or a State of Maine retiree or retiree spouse.  State employees and their spouses are now eligible for membership to our facilities and spouses no longer need to be part of the state’s insurance plan in order to be eligible. We are still asking for insurance cards in order to verify eligibility for state benefits and ask that the active employee or retiree come in initially with the spouse when signing up with insurance cards in hand for verification.


Here’s How to Sign Up!

    • Stop by the Eastside Wellness Center for a membership application or call us at 620-9400 and the staff can fax you an application. Just fill it out, drop it off and we can help you on your path to fitness.
    • Fill out and print our online Membership Application, and print off and sign our Membership Agreement/Waiver and our Wellness Center Code of Conduct forms if that is easier, and bring in these completed forms to the front desk staff.
    • The staff would be happy to orient you to the facility! Come dressed in gym clothes (T-shirt, sweatpants or shorts, sneakers) or bring them with you along with your own lock and ear budsand  use the locker rooms to change.
    • Schedule an appointment to meet with a fitness trainer one-on-one for FREE!  Click Here for list of free services to choose from!






Monday through Thursday, 5 am – 7 p.m
Friday 5 am – 4 pm (June-August)
Friday 5 am-6pm (September-May)
Saturday  7 am – 2 p.m



The Eastside Wellness Center is located at 6 Elkins Lane on the Eastside (old AMHI) campus near the Riverview facility.  It is easily accessible from Arsenal Street off Hospital Street (south) or Bridge Street (north).  Click here for a detailed map from your location to The Eastside Wellness Center.



Wellness Works Education and Training focuses on Fitness, Wellness, Nutrition, and Ergonomics.

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If you are a state employee who works in the Augusta area and finds it hard to come to one of our gym locations, we have a roaming trainer on staff who will meet with you at your worksite!  Click here for details!

As a member of one of our wellness centers, state employees have a list of free fitness services available to choose from by appointment.

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Check out these outdoor walking routes near our centers!

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EASTSIDE WELLNESS CENTER, - 6 Elkins Lane, SHS #96 Augusta ME 04333 (207) 620-9400 Fax (207) 620-8481

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